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You know that show from VH1 “Behind the Music”?   Well lately I feel like lately on this blog I’ve been telling stories behind the crafting!  It kind of cracks me up because when I go to a blog I look at the pictures first and sometimes don’t even read what’s been written.  I guess I’ve been missing out on some interesting stories!

It’s a major understatement to say I’m excited for Spring.  It’s really dark and rainy around these parts in January and February.  I start to watch and listen for signs of Spring early.  This year the first sign was the frogs.  My house is next to a wetland of sorts and in the middle of the night about two weeks ago I heard them.   It starts with one and then another billion or so join in.  At first I was bugged they woke me up and then it hit me.  Spring is coming!!

Monday, on my early morning walk, I started to notice all the tulips starting to come up and a family of bunnies hopped across the street in front of me (kinda like a Disney movie except if I started to sing they would all run away!).  My original idea was to craft something with bunnies because they make me happy.   That idea was created and then I totally changed my mind.  I based my idea on that last piece of evidence Spring is on the way…when the trees start to bloom.

Growing up my neighbor had a small tree that would start to bloom.  It had a perfect branch to hang from or sit on.  In the spring it would start to get white blossoms.  My siblings and I loved it.  The other good thing about it was later in the spring and you kind start to miss snow you could shake the branch and it would feel like it was snowing but with the warmer weather and sun.

I’m into having projects have dual purposes.   Flip my Spring sign over and you have one good for Valentines day.  Well I guess it’s good all year round because we all need a little more love 🙂

Wendy posted about the project above last month.  Our friend Kjirsten from The Half Penny Post came up with this cute project.  Now when I’m ready to feel Spring like I simply flip it over and now I can keep it out longer!  It was already painted red.  I put a stain over the red and sanded the edges.  I sketched up a twisted tree branch and on my computer made it so I could cut the image out in vinyl.  Finally I added some lace blossoms.  It makes me happy!

Thanks so much for all the great projects to welcome Spring ladies!  Happy Spring!